Your Impact

In 2019, generous supporters like you…

  • Provided homeless young families, older adults and LGBTQ youth safe transitional and long-term housing in a nurturing environment
  • Supported individualized care services and comprehensive programs that built the skills needed for housing stability
  • Helped residents heal the related traumas of homelessness and abuse
87% of your contributions went directly to programs and services

87% of your contributions went directly to programs and services

2019 Outcomes: Young Families

  • 622 residents served: 259 mothers and 363 children
  • 64% of the mothers were employed while a resident
  • 67 families moved to permanent housing in under 8 months
  • Typical length of stay is less than eight months; undocumented families and families addressing behavioral health concerns often stay longer than 12 months

2019 Outcomes: Older Adults

  • 40 older adults served
  • Had case workers advocate for them with doctors when they needed health care services
  • Engaged in mixed-age social activities that lifted spirits, stimulated the mind, and improved health outcomes in depression, physical function and muscle strength

2019 Outcomes: LGBTQ Young Adults

  • 71 LGBTQ young adults served across two sites
  • 57 residents with diagnosed mental health and/or substance use disorders received individualized behavioral health care
  • 42 residents were employed or in a paid internship
  • 6 residents trained to be a peer coach for newer residents
  • 11 residents moved successfully to more independent housing

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