Oscar’s Story

Meet Oscar, a resident at True Colors Supportive Housing, a program of West End ResidencesOscar has battled alcoholism since the age of 18. Rejected for being gay, Oscar left his stepmother’s house and was homeless for 6 years before coming to West End Residences’ True Colors Supportive Housing.

There he completed vocational training and internships, but suffered an alcoholism relapse triggered by the trauma of the sex abuse he experienced as a child. Working closely with the True Colors Supportive Housing clinical case manager and staff, Oscar re-entered inpatient substance use treatment and has made steady progress.

Oscar reports feeling more confident, and he continues to confront the shame he feels from his past. Other residents look to Oscar to organize tenant meetings, and for leadership, guidance and understanding. Today, Oscar is training to be a recovery coach and hopes to work helping young gay men facing similar challenges.

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