Former West End Residences residents often drop by to visit and update the dedicated staff members that worked so hard to help them and their children get a new start in life. They share their inspiring stories:

“West End’s workshops and childcare services helped me be proactive in my life and understand what was expected of me. With the assistance of my counselor I was able to make a decision regarding my living arrangements. My experience at West End encouraged me to keep the faith and remember that I can do anything if I believe, take action, and allow myself to receive the help that I need. I am currently attending not one, but two colleges to continue my educational development. My goal is to become a counselor and give back the services I received.”
— Ms. S, Former West End Intergenerational Residence Resident

“I feel as though my life had not begun until I moved into West End, for it was at West End that so many wonderful changes began to transpire for myself and my son. When people hear of shelters they think of every bad thing imaginable. But my stay at West End helped to self-empower me to excel to my greatest potential and was also an experience that led to a future that would not only change my life and my son’s, but all of those I would encounter. I graduated with a degree in nursing and passed the licensure exam, which enabled me to work as a Registered Nurse. I have been caring for mothers and their babies (Maternal Child Health) in poor underserved communities for the past ten years.”
— Ms. C, Former West End Intergenerational Residence Resident

“In the year that I lived at West End, I grew so much. I learned many new things and met so many great people who helped me become a better woman. I now have my own apartment in the Bronx. I am working and am in my second year of college. I truly believe that West End is a great place for young women to grow and to become better mothers and women. I know that being at West End improved my life.”
— Ms. R, Former West End Intergenerational Residence Resident


Our supporters share what they believe makes West End Residences special:

“What struck me as profound the first time I walked through the doors of the West End Intergenerational building as a volunteer in 1991 and is what continues to reverberate for me today, 21 years later, is this great feeling of community, the promise of a bright future through self-improvement, hope restored, love—home. How many places offer you that?”
— Lisa Barbaris, CEO of So What Management and Honorary Vice Chair of True Colors Residence

“As longtime supporters, Lisa and I know that West End has been a trailblazing forward-thinking organization that is willing to do whatever is necessary to serve those in need. I am proud to work with West End on such an exciting and important project as the True Colors Residence.”
— Cyndi Lauper, Grammy Award Winning Artist and Honorary Chair of True Colors Residence

“As a founder I continue to marvel at this wonderful and dynamic organization that has touched the lives of so many vulnerable homeless mothers by offering them hope, support and the opportunity to develop the skills required to raise their children and succeed in the workplace.”
— Michael Garber, Founding Member of West End Residences’ Board of Directors

“These gay kids are OUR kids…We adult LGBTs need to take care of our own.”
— Cindi from Texas, West End Residences online supporter

West End Residences and our True Colors Housing Programs are now Homeward NYC