A Video Chat with Volunteers the Mom Squad

Our chief executive officer recently hosted a video chat with the
Intergenerational Residence Mom Squad.

Girl with tiger mask

Masks already were in fashion for a pre-pandemic birthday party at our Upper West Side location

The Mom Squad, a volunteer group of Upper West Side moms and friends, was formed in fall 2014 by Cheri Fandozzi, Doris Coleman, Neetu Lakhani and Jennifer Vickery. Pre-pandemic, volunteers hosted a monthly birthday party for the young families as well as a monthly hot meal and community gathering for the senior residents.

In response to COVID-19, Mom Squaders have provided face masks, hygiene items, nonperishable food, and a once-a-week meal delivery for the young families and older adults at our Intergenerational Residence.

Mom Squad members are creative problem-solvers. CEO Jeannette Ruffins spoke with them to thank them for their volunteerism and to discuss resident needs—including ideas for virtual and small group physical activities like dancing and yoga, and the ongoing need for toys and activities for restless toddlers.

Your passion and commitment to service are evident, as is your sense of connectedness to our residents and each other.

— Jeannette Ruffins, addressing the Mom Squad

“What you’ve built is remarkable,” she adds. “West End Residences thanks you and your children who have volunteered alongside you. In my 30-year nonprofit career, the Mom Squad stands out as a unique model of family volunteerism, particularly appropriate for an intergenerational site.”

Thank you to Mom Squaders Molly Burke, Lisa Cicha, Doris Coleman, Cheri Fandozzi, Stephanie King, Deirdre Lord, Adrienne Perry, Mary Rothfusz, Rachel Talbot and Jennifer Vickery for joining us for the video chat. Thank you to the entire Mom Squad for everything you do to serve the young families and older adults at our Upper West Side location.

To learn more about the most effective ways to volunteer during the pandemic, contact volunteer@westendres[DOT]org.