Who We Serve

Homeless Young Families

The 54 single mothers at West End Intergenerational Residence are the youngest heads of household in the shelter system. Most are survivors of domestic or family violence.

Intergenerational Residence Mother and SonBy the Numbers: Young Families

  • 57% identify as African American or Black
  • 39% identify as Hispanic or Latinx
  • 38% of the young mothers lived in a shelter during their own childhoods
  • Average mother is 22 with a child under 2
  • Top three reasons cited for homelessness: overcrowding, family discord and domestic violence

Homeless Older Adults

Many of the 40 seniors at our Intergenerational Residence have a history of chronic homelessness and have experienced their own cycles of violence and poverty.

Intergenerational Residence Senior WomenBy the Numbers: Older Adults

  • 100% are very low income or formerly homeless
  • 59% identify as African American or Black
  • 16% identify as Hispanic or Latinx
  • Average age is 71

Homeless LGBTQ Young Adults

Our two True Colors Supportive Housing sites provide 60 LGBTQ young adults with a history of trauma affordable housing in an affirming environment with comprehensive support services until they are ready for more independent housing. Housing is non-time limited—residents don’t age out on their 25th birthday.

LGBTQ Young Person During PrideBy the Numbers: LGBTQ Young Adults

  • 80% have serious mental illnesses and/or diagnosed substance use disorders
  • 65% experience family rejections
  • 54% experience physical or psychological family abuse
  • 59% identify as African American or Black
  • 21% identify as Hispanic or Latinx
  • 43% identify as trans or gender nonconforming