Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Year-End Giving Campaign. With your generosity, we met our goal to raise $45,000 by the end of 2019!

We can start the new year strong as we pursue these new developments…

► First, we are preparing for major renovations at West End Intergenerational Residence, a one-hundred-year-old building. The upgrades include:

  • Modernized building systems that add energy efficiency
  • Renovated staff offices and community spaces
  • Increased accessibility features for senior residents

► Second, we are developing a third True Colors Supportive Housing site in Harlem that will provide housing for 50 LGBTQ young adults! The need for LGBTQ young adult supportive housing is great—we have waiting lists at our existing sites.

Thank you again.

With your support, we’re building for the future!

West End Residences is West End Intergenerational Residence for young families and seniors and True Colors Supportive Housing for LGBTQ young adults

► West End Intergenerational Residence… where homeless young moms and kids receive safe, temporary housing and support services that lead to permanent homes and self-sufficiency

► West End Intergenerational Residence… where homeless seniors receive safe, affordable housing and support services to age in place

► True Colors Supportive Housing… where homeless LGBTQ young adults receive safe, affordable homes in an affirming community where they can heal and thrive

West End Residences’ mission is to provide safe and supportive transitional and permanent housing together with comprehensive services that assist and empower homeless and formerly homeless youth, families, and older adults to live full and productive lives.

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